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When you or a loved one ends up behind bars, you can count on Bowen's Bail Bonding in Greenville, North Carolina to come to your rescue.

Bail Bonds in Greenville, North Carolina

People find themselves in financial and legal trouble for all sorts of reasons. Whatever the reason you find yourself in need of bail, Bowens Bail Bonding can help you get home and back with your family. You don’t want to find yourself in jail for any longer than you need to. We can help you pay your bail, 24 hours a day.

What Are Bail Bonds?

You’ve heard the term a lot, probably, on TV or in the movies. A person accused of a crime may be granted bail, and which means they can pay a certain amount and then go free until their trial. But what are bail bonds, and how do they work?

Bail is money you deposit with the court in return for a conditional release. The condition is that you return and present yourself at a later date for trial. If you do return, the bail money is then returned to you. Often times, however, the amount for bail is set higher than most people can pay. When that happens, they can take out a bail bond.

With a bail bond, you only pay a portion of your total bail, usually around 15%. The rest is lent to you by the bail bondsman, who pays the remainder of the bail himself. When you return for your court date, the bondsman collects the bail, including the 15% you paid as profit.

We Can Help

No one should have to spend the night in jail, and nobody should have to spend a minute more behind bars than they have to. Our years of experience means we have dealt with everything the courts and our customers can throw at us. We remain devoted to customer care and helping people with what can be one of the most traumatic events of their lives.

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